Yeah, I’ll Bring Donuts


  Ask around. They’ll tell ya: “Ed? Yeah, He brings donuts and other assorted savory treats to work on Friday. Of course I have to hit the gym to pay for his Top Pot assault, but God bless him, that rat bastard.” I say hey, It’s Friday! Lets reward ourselves!

A Sketched Box

box illustration

A client  was looking for a box icon with an”organic” feel. I did a loose sketch to start out and will drop into illustrator and re-draw to clean it up for final presentation. Stay tuned!

Frango -a- Go-Go

Feeling minty?

I’m lucky enough to have a garage, and in that garage, enough space to tinker around and build stuff out of reclaimed bits and bobbles. I had a throwback Frango mint can that made it home from a Friday sweetfest at Amazon, and figured I could use it for a diddley bow. I dug out a nice cedar plank from my reclaimed wood pile and fastened it down along with a piece of copper pipe to act as a nut. Added a string, tuned it to pitch and proceeded to... Read The Rest →

When World Famous Chicken Needs A Wrap

Ezell's Famous Chicken? Yes Please!

It case you haven’t noticed, there is a food truck boom going on and it is quite interesting to see. Not only from a culinary perspective, but a design one as well. There are dizzying amount of cool looking food rides out there which makes the challenge of designing a wrap for one all the more daunting. Be original. Be different. I was tapped by Autotize to come up with a design for Ezell’s Famous Chicken, and the window to get it completed was not a big one.  It was... Read The Rest →

The Anniversary Cup

Urban Coffee Lounge 5th anniversary poster

As the “poster making guy” for the band I’m in, I get to come up with a new poster for each gig and a lot of the times the posters look is based off of either the venue name or in some cases, the season of year. Sometimes the vision I get may be complicated, and it can become a mighty challenge when searching for reference when putting together a new poster for an upcoming gig.  For this poster, I wanted to have a “Statue of Liberty Torch Raise” look,... Read The Rest →

Muy Excelante!

What lay in side this great book...

  A pleasant surprise awaited me in the rental house I was staying in while attending SXSW in Austin, Texas: A book on Mexican Grindhouse Cinema posters! Now I don’t speak Spanish ( well, what little I do know will surely get me in trouble) so I was very thankful that the poster art examples were quite large and vibrant as that somewhat soothed my self loathing for not taking a foreign language class in high school.

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